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Interstate has been building quality, state-of-the-art trailers since 1995. With three production facilities located across the United States, the company built and sold more than 15,000 enclosed trailers last year. Customers recognize the quality, value and service that Interstate provides before, during and after the sale. Those are the company's core values that it now utilizes at its TrailersPlus retail outlets. There are 38 TrailersPlus locations, making it the largest independently owned trailer dealership in the country.

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Road Hugging
Axles & Tires

Ready for whatever road you take.

Ready for whatever road you take.
Interstate trailers partners with Dexter Axle

Interstate trailers are built with American-made Dexter Axles. Depending on the model type, our trailers are constructed with either economical heavy duty leaf spring axles or rubber-dampened torsion axles that provide independent wheel suspension and superior handling.

Radial tires come standard on most of our model types, and self-adjusting electric brakes also are an option. And the Interstate warranty covers the beam, suspension and all moving parts.

Built Like
A Tank

"Heavy duty" comes standard.

"Heavy duty" comes standard.
Interstate's DuraFrame design system

Our exclusive DuraFrame™ trailer design system means your Interstate trailer truly is heavy duty. Interstate uses only the highest gauge steel and doesn't take short cuts when it comes to construction. Our tongue frame passes through the chassis and is welded to the main rails for superior strength.

Our welded transition plates and Z-shaped full depth cross members are among the features that separate Interstate trailers from the competition. All of the floors in our trailers are constructed with three-quarter inch think exterior grade plywood, and we use a beefy eight-inch I-beam main rails on our 7-foot wide Pro Series trailers and all of our 102-inch wide trailers.


Structurally fortified, in places you need.

Structurally fortified, in places you need.
Heavy-duty sidewall gussets for structural integrity

The DuraFrame™ trailer design system used by Interstate utilizes high gauge steel to ensure all of your cargo is protected. From our sturdy steel-framed openings to the gussets on our corner posts, the strength of our frame is unmatched.

We fortify our frame in places where the competition takes short cuts. We do so to maintain the structural integrity of our trailers.

Our Trailers Don't Leak - Period

Covered by our no-leak warranty.

Covered by our no-leak warranty.
Quadra-Sealed Four Layer Roof Seams

What kind of trailer company offers a no-leak warranty? One that believes in its product. Interstate trailers utilize a one-piece aluminum roof with Quadra-Sealed™ four-layer roof seams that keep moisture out, ensuring that your cargo stays dry. With an internal roof liner that prevents roof vibration and wear, as well as formed steel internal frames and welded ridge reinforcements, the roofs on Interstate trailers are as strong as the rest of the trailer. Even our roof vents are framed in steel, something else that separates us from the competition.

Commercial Strength Rear Doors & Ramps

Ready for heavy use - every day!

Ready for heavy use - every day!

Interstate builds the strongest doors and ramps in the trailer industry. Featuring heavy duty welded door hinges — the competition uses lower-grade bolts and straps — and sturdy steel frames that can't be bent, it's no wonder we offer a $50 unconditional rebate if one of our trailer door structure fails for whatever reason. Our ramps are rated for 2,500 to 4,000 pounds and are fortified by heavy duty gussets and three-piece welded hinges.

You won't find a better door or ramp in the trailer industry.

Sealed Flooring System

Carefully designed with real road hazards in mind.

Carefully designed with real road hazards in mind.

The steel chassis on all Interstate trailers are protected by automotive-grade paint, and all-weather protective undercoating comes standard on most our model types. With three-quarter inch thick exterior grade plywood, our floors are solid and the seams are completely sealed.

Interstate also doesn't run any wires along or beneath the floor of the trailer. This helps prevent wire damage and electrical shorts. In addition, all of our heavy duty tie-downs are bolted to steel plates beneath the flooring to ensure that your gear is secure.

Finding The Right Trailer

It is important that you choose a trailer that will accommodate all of your hauling needs. Interstate builds a diverse variety of trailers to make sure that all of your hauling needs are met.

Interstate enclosed cargo trailer

Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Our most popular trailers come in a variety of lengths, heights and payload capacity to handle all of your hauling needs.

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Utility trailers by CarryOn and Interstate

Utility Trailers

These open-air trailers range in size to handle a quick trip to the dump or for taking your lawnmowers to that next landscaping job.

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CarryOn dump trailer

Dump Trailers

These trailers are ideal for hauling lawn and landscape materials, and some are equipped with powerful hydraulic lifts.

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Snowmobile Trailers

Combing durability with beauty, these trailers are a fantastic way for you and your family to enjoy your snowmobile or ATV.

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Perfect for the active sportsman and his family, our All Sport trailers are made to handle and thrive in the great outdoors.

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These open-air flatbed trailers come in a variety of sizes and have different options to carry your gear to the job site or for a day of fun.

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These trailers are perfect for the weekend racer or for transporting any vehicle a short distance or across the country.

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Custom trailers by Interstate

Custom Trailers

Interstate can build a trailer to fit any of your needs -- whether it's for tailgating, selling your products or for making the job that much easier.

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